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I’ve talked about Osea in this post and this one but today I’ve brought with me more words and even photos to show my obsession for them. It all goes back to April and my thyroid craziness. My skin was under a LOT of stress. Mainly because of overworking myself to the bone but also, my hypothyroidism was epically imbalanced. Which, in the end goes hand in hand. But as you know already, I really like to try my hand at things which is why I have this blog as a side project from my dayjob and to add more to my plate, another project with my bestie where we go around Puerto Rico filming makers. These are my creative outlets and I can’t help but pursue these even if I feel like I am about to go insane. So, to show for it, my skin likes to get angry.

I’ve used countless products for my face including the whole acne recommended set from Mario Badescu, the acne set from Philosophy and right before switching to Osea, I had some awesome results with Fresh except that I noticed my face got so used to it, that it got right back to how it was before. For my body I’ve used every type of lotion. The Dermatologist Prescribed kind and even the cheaper drugstore brands like Nivea and Lubriderm. Nothing worked until I started reading on different blogs about the magic of oils for balanced skin. [Read more…]

LOVE NOTE: Pour Over Coffee

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Dear Pour Over Coffee,

I tried out your beautiful ways almost a year ago in Miami. We had a great romance for a total of one hour. We held hands coming out of Panther Coffee and we were quite chummy on the ride over to the airport. I tried to take things slowly but before I realized it, you were already empty inside. I missed that bright and smooth flavor so much I ended up looking for you in all of Austin. To my surprise, I didn’t find you. There were cold brews and espressos, french presses and even machines who passed off as you. Now, yesterday you surprised me. I’ve been seeing other blends at Café Don Ruiz and there you were. Your equipment so shiny and new I just had to ask if you could make your way to my table again. And you did. Oh, you did. I finally found you here in Puerto Rico and I am not letting go. Thanks for agreeing to see each other more often. I promise to leave others behind.

See you real soon,


MORNINGS: Apps, oils, noodles + socks

MORNINGS: Apps, oils, noodles + socks

While lying down in my bed at the new apartment, I realized a couple of things. One, it’s been almost a two month endeavour to move out and then into this new place. Two, I may have my living room stacked with boxes still… and have completely managed to live without any of the stuff stashed inside. The essentials?

Apps: I’ve been borderline obsessed with the show Catastrophe. So, I went on an Amazon Prime trial just to watch the whole season. I flew through the season in a day! So, now that I still have a whole month to go, I’ve been catching myself watching all the shows I’ve missed for months on their mobile app. Also, I’ve been on a 12 day streak of using the app Headspace. It’s a meditation app without the hippy fuzz. It’s more about getting into the routine of disconnecting for a bit with some coaching. Also, the app is beautifully designed and you all know that I’m a sucker for pretty apps.

Oils: I have yet to unpack boxes filled with kitchen utensils or shoes but, I cannot live without my nightly dose of the Osea Essential Corrective Complex. It’s a blend of oils that has made wonders on my hormonal chin breakouts. My love for Osea keeps growing and I’ll be collaborating with them very soon to show you my fave products!

Noodles: Yep, you read noodles. My newest infatuation are cold noodles with tahini and peanut butter. Although this is not a morning meal, I may have eaten leftovers from breakfast because in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, my home [mostly my kitchen] is in boxes.

Socks: These guys above are now part of my sock collection thanks to Chatty Feet. They sent two pairs my way and I am in love with how comfy and unique they are. See those hearts on em’? That’s what I feel for them! And… The design goes both on the bottom of your feet and the top. So you can see the faces on them even when walking. Instant morning cheer up!

So, if you had to move or are in moving madness what would be part of your essentials?

HOME BOUND: Openness


Yep. The dreaded, “hey, I’m moving again post” is here. But this time, beyond pretty photos that I’ve been accumulating via Pinterest, I’ve got some things to get out of my chest. Mostly, about being as honest as I can about living situations and how I handle the question, “why don’t you just buy a home and keep renting?”. I think of The Golden Fig as a space where I share my favorite findings but, I also want this to be a place of total openness. You can read more on that here. So, here’s my take on being open and creating an open space.

[Read more…]



That is indeed an ombré popsicle above. Which can only mean one thing, I have a playlist to share and no photo to go with it. Haven’t done a playlist in a while so I made one for this summer heat. Mostly refreshing, like a popsicle. A pink lemonade mojito one! Listen to it here.

COFFEE WITH: Valerie Moreno de Batista from the blog Nuance & Bubbles

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COFFEE WITH is a monthly sit down where i have the chance to get to know what inspires some of my favorite creatives from all around. This time we have Valerie Moreno de Batista, blogger, speaker, photographer and teacher. We’ve been on a back and forth instagram relationship of photography love for a while. So, I’m specially exited to sit down for coffee with her! She’s a ray of light, always cheering people up with her creations. It can be through a gorgeous photo, a blog post or a quote she shares. But, mostly, I love how she puts herself out there. Her stories are more than just stories, they’re relatable and refreshingly honest. So, grab your cup of coffee and sit down with us! [Read more…]