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WISHLISTING: A casual outing


It seems like every time I want a new pair of shoes they’re leather sandals. Open and airy. But yesterday, while browsing for a new carry all bag, I saw what might just be the perfect closed shoe for me. I give you, the leather coverse. Perfect for a casual outing. So, one thing led to another, things got complicated and a whole outfit happened. What’s your new shoe obsession? I think I can officially say I’ve gone from sandals to converse! Summer, I’m ready!

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M is for MOM


After going out to find the perfect gift for Mother’s day, and failing… hard, I decided that I could do something for her that was much more personal. Something that could remind us both of special times that we have had together. A place we have visited, someone we love, our favorite food, a song… This lead me to creating a gift that wouldn’t just ‘die’ on Mother’s day. It’s a gift every month for a whole year. So, I share with you all It’s a series of letters dedicated to my mom and I will be choosing a new letter every month! Thought it was fitting to start with the letter M for Mom.

After working on it, I had some leftover flowers and went ahead and created a downloadable wallpaper for you guys! Continue Reading

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GOLDEN STYLE: Family Affairs Spring 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.23.34 PM

I was smitten by the flowers, as I am. Then, came the brow obsession. Finally, the gorgeous prints and silhouettes, perfect for spring, were calling my name. This week we’ve had record breaking heat, so I am very exited to keep seeing spring blooms all around. Even if they’re on a lookbook! Trying to convince myself that the summer heat didn’t just start in May and maybe next week the temps lower a bit. The styling and photography for the Family Affairs Spring Collection are a match made in fashion heaven, keeping me in a spring mindset for the time being. I can’t quite decide if my favorite piece of the collection is the Best Day Dress or the Stromboli Blue Dress. It might have to do with the quirky names of the pieces or the fact that they’re beautifully made. But regardless, I think it’s safe to say, I love you Family Affairs. Better yet, “io ti amo”. Continue Reading

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MAKE + SEEK: A personal project to seek and feature creatives in Puerto Rico


It all started as a way to showcase Creative Direction in video form. Something that became my online video portfolio. Then, it finally came to life when I partnered with my bestie, the best damn videographer, Amneris. The stories started to come together… and it has become an ongoing video profile series that features a day in the life of fellow MAKERS in Puerto Rico. We seek the stories behind passionate, creative and inspiring people. Today I finally share with you guys this project and invite you to jump over and check out Continue Reading