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IN THE MAIL: Sweets in a box

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If you’re thinking macarons that came all the way from the US are dented or past their freshness date, I’m here to tell you that you’re so wrong! Sucre Sucre by Lucía is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean in Dallas, Texas, but I managed to a box of these delicious colorful bites of joy thanks to Miss @DianaO and her recent trip over there. Yes, this in the mail is a little on the ‘it-traveled-in-a-plane-and-I-picked-it-up’ side but you can actually order these and get them shipped to your door. Sucre Sucre  is owned and operated by Lucía C. Merino, a Puerto Rican native. [high five!] Her online macaron shop ships macarons nation wide in a special packaging to ensure their freshness. Now, I’ve had many a macarons in my short life  and guys, Sucre Sucre by Lucía is beyond comparison. She only uses the freshest ingredients when making them and you can tell from the first bite. Or, you know, many bites because they’re THAT good and you’re going to want to try every flavor. Now, excuse me while I go through the whole box…

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FIELD TRIP: A Golden #FiatVIP Weekend

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you may have already seen how exited I was when Fiat let me test drive their 500L for a whole weekend! What did I do when faced with the very serious task of road tripping? I grabbed a couple friends and went color seeking!TGF_fiat_14 TGF_fiat_12TGF_fiat_15

We headed to Cabo Rojo in search of Salt Flats we had only seen in photos and found SO much more. The Pink Salt Flats get their color because of the high concentrations of halophilic archaebacteria. The Flats are divided into various pits. After the wind and sun evaporate the water of a certain pit and there is enough salt built up, they remove it and create huge piles with it. We were told that the whiter the salt, the longer it has been left to crystallize. I was enamoured by the process as well as the colors.


The Fiat 500L fit perfectly into every tiny spot we adventured to. Stopping for a photo was the overall theme in the roadtrip! After a very salty breath of fresh air we ended up driving all the way to Isabela, again, because of a photo we saw on Instagram. We’ve been following CLMDO for a little while and the photos are hunger inducing by just scrolling through them. We talked to Siri for a second and she let us know it was going to be an hour and a half until we got there. So, we cranked up the music headed over. Because our CLMDO experience was out of this world, to say the least, I’m prepping a new post just for it. So, moving on…

TGF_fiat_20After visiting Isabela and having one of the best meals EVER, we headed back to San Juan. Our next day trip was all the way over at Naranjito so we had to drive back, get some sleep and get ready for day #2! Now, this time, we wanted to go to the mountains. Less salty, more green. Gabriel from Media Drunks was our guide and even though we felt lost half the time, it was one of the best times discovering this whole side of Puerto Rico.

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LOCAL: Boom Design Fair

Just like I have 4 ways for inspiration seeking around the house, I also have an inkling like no other to go out and seek creations from local MAKERS. There’s something about seeing a product go from concept to execution that is downright inspiring. Ideas that become objects that are tangible, colorful and in most cases, well designed, amp up my drive to keep on creating. A couple weeks ago, I headed up to Ponce for the Boom Design Fair. It’s a mix of speakers, makers, buyers and tons of creatives in one spot for a whole weekend. Click on the slideshow to see a couple of my favorite pieces from the Fair.

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HOME BOUND: Hello Spring in partnership with Glade

Today’s Home Bound post is a very special one because I’ve partnered up with Glade to invite Spring into my home! These days have been a bit of a whirlwind with the current projects, collaborations and even roadtrips to design fairs! It’s so nice to relax at home and invite someone over for a power breakfast. Exchange ideas and some avocado toast! To get the ideas flowing, I love to light up a candle. The fragrance Hello Spring by Glade is perfect for getting the ideas flowing.


Another place in my home that got the spring invite, is my bedroom. It’s usually a given that there is a candle lit up my room. I love to come home and open the doors to a fresh room. But, thanks to Glade, I have a new addition to the bedroom that is drastically changing my usual scent game! Their Wax Melts Warmer goes perfectly on my dresser. I’ve been melting the Hello Spring Wax Melts and am loving the crisp fresh scent that lingers. It certainly brightened up my room the second I turned the warmer on! It’s one of those little things you can do for some ‘me-time’.

If you’d like more ideas on adding some fragrance into your home, check out Glade’s Pinterest page!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Glade. Thanks to your awesome support with these collaborations The Golden Fig can keep on creating unique content for you! For info on how I team up with my favourite brands, click here.

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#BENDTHERULES: 4 Ways to Seek Inspiration in collaboration with HP

Some days, inspiration can come to me out of nowhere. But other days, it’s the other way around. So, I’ve teamed up with HP and Meghan Trainor to bring you the 4 Ways I’ve nailed down to seek inspiration. I took out the HP x360 for a spin around my home and got to it!

1. Play Music
The first thing I do when seeking inspiration is listen to music. It helps me unwind and in return, ideas start to come to me. The #bendtherules behind the scenes of the Meghan Trainor’s Lips are Moving video is pure inspiration gold. An epic color fest! It’s amazing to see how it came together. Definitely looking forward to seeing the behind the scenes of the tour! Click here to follow HP and Meghan Trainor’s #ThatBassTour and get some color inspo while you’re at it.


2. Pin Like a Beast!
Colors, layouts, typography options… I pretty much have a board for every single thing. I took the HP x360 to my balcony, set it up in tablet mode and got to pinning. Something about being outside, lying on the floor and browsing through dozens of photos is extra zen for me. I could do this for hours!


3. Watch Design Conferences
Watching videos of how designers made their way into their dream jobs is an all time fave! Best part? I can switch the HP x360 to stand mode and watch them in bed. Lately, I’ve been a lot more exited about typography. This talk by Jessica Hiche, called ‘Grab the Reins and F*cking Do It!’, is one of my favorites. Every time I finish watching a talk or a design conference, I always feel empowered.


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