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HOME BOUND: Openness


Yep. The dreaded, “hey, I’m moving again post” is here. But this time, beyond pretty photos that I’ve been accumulating via Pinterest, I’ve got some things to get out of my chest. Mostly, about being as honest as I can about living situations and how I handle the question, “why don’t you just buy a home and keep renting?”. I think of The Golden Fig as a space where I share my favorite findings but, I also want this to be a place of total openness. You can read more on that here. So, here’s my take on being open and creating an open space.

I’ve been moving since I can recall. A year, a year and a half and I move. Tons of reasons, including but not limited to, having inadequate roommates to say the least, having to leave in two days because they’re turning your apartment into office and forgot to tell you and  most recently, because they raised my rent. I work a day job and have this blog on the side. But, choosing between paying a lot more for my tiny apartment and leaving to a cheaper one with more space was a no brainer. Moving makes me anxious. The idea of moving things I love into a new space sounds amazing every time. The actual moving of said things, not so much. Now, to the question everyone asks. “Why don’t you just buy a home?” Well, because I’m not ready to own a home. To be able to reach that step, I’d need to be sure of what I’ll be doing in the next 5 years. Right now, I’m quite relieved that I can give places a test run for a year and use them as a fresh start.  Does anyone else feel like they’re not prepared for such a huge undertaking? 

I’ve been more and more interested in the minimalist movement. You may have seen some of it going on through my instagram. Blogs like Well / Aware and Into Mind have been on my most read list because of their tips of decluttering. From being more conscious about  what you’re doing, wearing and eating, to buying what is necessary and only things you absolutely love. A space where that is first and foremost comfortable and functional. That allows for creativity and experimentation. I am currently working on getting my space up to par with that. So, I may or may not totally went crazy gathering Pinterest inspo. Here are a couple of things that I’m currently crushing on: this Living Room, this Sandwich Plate Set, some  Copper Top Flatware, this Office Space, this Bedroom and this insta shot by Molly Rhymer of a Triangle Pyramid Mirrored Box. Any minimal living tips you wanna share? Comment below! 

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That is indeed an ombré popsicle above. Which can only mean one thing, I have a playlist to share and no photo to go with it. Haven’t done a playlist in a while so I made one for this summer heat. Mostly refreshing, like a popsicle. A pink lemonade mojito one! Listen to it here.

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COFFEE WITH: Valerie Moreno de Batista from the blog Nuance & Bubbles


COFFEE WITH is a monthly sit down where i have the chance to get to know what inspires some of my favorite creatives from all around. This time we have Valerie Moreno de Batista, blogger, speaker, photographer and teacher. We’ve been on a back and forth instagram relationship of photography love for a while. So, I’m specially exited to sit down for coffee with her! She’s a ray of light, always cheering people up with her creations. It can be through a gorgeous photo, a blog post or a quote she shares. But, mostly, I love how she puts herself out there. Her stories are more than just stories, they’re relatable and refreshingly honest. So, grab your cup of coffee and sit down with us!

Why/Who: My name is Valerie and I am a Montrealer now living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I am a blogger, speaker, photographer by night and a language teacher by day. I love to write, especially to uplift young women through being authentic about my struggles, my faith, my good days and bad ones, in hope that in some way, it will add intention and spark to someone’s day. I got started in the world of blogging and photography almost 2 years ago, by pure accident it would seem. I was in a new country, and I wasn’t legally able to work (since I am a Canadian I had to wait for a visa) and I desperately needed a project. It was hard at first because a blank slate can be exciting, but also intimidating because of the endless possibilities. So I dug out my camera and started experimenting with natural light and fell in love. I challenged myself to snap one picture a day just for the sole purpose of getting out of bed and I started looking for beauty in uncommon places. I also started writing down my thoughts and was impressed and excited by the feedback I began to receive from people, including but not limited to the online community I was now part of. Two years later, my blog site has evolved as I have now made a place for my business, focusing on lifestyle photography (in natural light). However, I continue writing for all the wonderful ladies that visit my blog.

Top 5 favorite artists/bands:  I listen go French music these days just because I sometimes get nostalgic and miss my homeland but I am also the jazzy type. I have evenings in which I light a candle, put some jazz on, get some tea and sit at my dining table bare foot and just write. It’s therapeutic. Coeur de Pirate, Les Soeurs Boulay. I’m discovering Stromae. I also listen to Rend Collective. But other than that, I usually listen to my iTunes radio stations that include Gungor, Lorde, Kings Kaleidoscope and recently a group my husband helped me discover, Clean Bandit.

Top 5 shops: I shop a lot on Etsy, I actually have a secret obsession for discovering new shops on there almost weekly. Everything is on there, really. I love H & M – Zara – Urban Outfitters – but I also like independent shops that do more than just business and give back to the community. For example (for my jewelry) and the coolest blankets ever

Favorite food! THIS, like every other question, will be very hard to answer just because there’s so much good food! Greek & Italian food tend to own my heart but I also like really authentic latin-american food. I am just a foodie. I love discovering good food with people I love.

Coffee with: Simple Soy (or almond) Latte with no sugar.

Currently inspired by: Getting out of my apartment always gets me inspired. Whether for a walk, road trip, or going abroad. I find that taking a mental break is extremely necessary for inspiration to keep flowing. I also love to read and I’m a sucker for historical fiction. I find that reading enhances the imagination and refreshes my mind. I also meditate, pray, and read texts like the Bible that I feel renew my mind and help me stay focused on what is bigger than myself. This year I also started listening to some podcasts, and I am honestly kind of hooked. I am a fan of the Jess Lively show.

Learn more about Valerie through her blog or instagram feed. If you’d like to sit down for coffee, shoot me an email! Would love to have you. Past creatives who have sat down for coffee can be found here. Valerie, it was lovely to have you over for coffee! 

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CURRENTLY: Switching button ups for tees and lace ups for flip flops


It’s summer! Although, most definitely NOT a typical summer. It’s a boiling hot like never before and “I want to be under a palm tree every day” kind of summer. I’m an all black everything outfit gal but, it’s time to ditch the button ups for tees and the lace ups for flip flops! $1 flip flops! Starting June 20th at Old Navy, you can get flip flops for days for only a $1 each! There are tons of colors to choose from, including the lavender or teal ones up top or the black ones below. If that photo looks like an insta shot from paradise,it’s because it is. Sort of. Old Navy has created an app called Emoodji that shows you what your most used emoji is! Mine is what I like to call the ‘A Ok’ hand sign. It also pairs your emoji with a vacation spot and you guessed it, a pair of Flip Flops. Oh, and once you get your Emoodji snapshot, you can share it to Facebook and Twitter. Once you share, you’re participating to Win free Flip Flops or 1 of 6 dream VACATIONS! Continue Reading

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VIDEO: Let’s dance like no one is watching! A collab by The Golden Fig and MAKE + SEEK


I’ve been teasing you all week on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook about a special project that involved color, dancing, working alongside MAKE + SEEK and did I mention dancing? Inspired by the HP x360 Behind The Scenes video where 6 artists collaborated with one of the biggest pop stars of the year, The Golden Fig  joined forces with the website MAKE + SEEK for a day of rule bending. I loved how the artists were asked to showcase their talents in a new and creative way. Shapes, typography, photography and illustrations of these artists come together for an interactive experience that is quite unexpected but mostly, very unique!

Since MAKE + SEEK is a website that features a day in the life of a ‘maker’, I decided to reach out and collaborate on another kind of ‘a day in the life video’. We joined my color seeking powers with the filming powers of MAKE + SEEK to create a video where we ask people if they’d be willing to bend the rules with us and dance like no one is watching in the middle of the sidewalk. Then, continue with their day. We wanted to create a mosaic of colors because we were so smitten with the changing backgrounds of the HP x360 Video. So, we had people stand in front of the colorful houses of Old San Juan for their closeup.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take a break and enjoy the day. We all need a little breather from the work week hustle. We sure hope this is a colorful reminder to #BendTheRules!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and danced with us! We brought the music, you brought the smiles!

VIDEO: Let’s dance like no one is watching! A collab by The Golden Fig and MAKE + SEEK (HP #BendTheRules) VIDEO: Let’s dance like no one is watching! A collab by The Golden Fig and MAKE + SEEK (HP #BendTheRules)VIDEO: Let’s dance like no one is watching! A collab by The Golden Fig and MAKE + SEEK (HP #BendTheRules) VIDEO: Let’s dance like no one is watching! A collab by The Golden Fig and MAKE + SEEK (HP #BendTheRules)

Check out the HP x360 Behind The Scenes video here. Subscribe to TGF’s brand new youtube channel here!

This post is brought to you in partnership with HP. Thanks to your awesome support with these brand partnerships The Golden Fig can keep on creating unique content for you! For info on how I collaborate with my favourite brands, click here.