As I was designing my brand identity, I had a lot of concerns. I’m someone who has a lot of concepts brewing at once and I have a tendency to ‘make them happen’ on the spot. This was the case with clussster.com. It was an idea that sounded great for the time being but, as I kept posting, my main goal was overpowered by a name and a concept. The idea to switch from Previously-Owned.com to Cluster.com, was a way to start over. To ‘cluster’ my thoughts, findings, photographs and share them. I started Prev. Owned in 2007… then, launched Cluster in Janurary of 2012. That’s 5 years of blogging! You’ve seen me go from Fashion Merchandising to Graphic Design while working Social Media. But I’ve never been very blatant about it. I guess I’ve always been the type of person that is really shy about her own identity. “God forbid I use my name as an option!” “God forbid I post some work and someone hates it!” Because it would inveitably mean that whatever I did, was automatically related to me. It’s like putting yourself out there. Your name, your work, yourself. While writing this up it felt like I was on the edge of a pool about to jump in. So here it is, I jumped. I decided it was time to ‘put myself out there’. If you’re on a reader, step over to my newness.

[ To the special ladies who noticed a couple days before hand as I was editing, your comments were what let me know something was right. Annie, Lea, Arvee & Krystal… Thank you tons! ]

So, welcome to eimyandco.com! If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know I’ve been working on design projects here and there for a long time. As I take on more work [and finally graduate] I’ll be updating more often. A bit of a behind the scenes if you will. So, thanks for all your usual support and encouragement. If it weren’t for all the feedback and emails asking me to help you with your designs, none of it would have clicked.

Image | Free People

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