ON THE TABLE: Raaka Chocolate

One lucky Retweet and these babies were mine. These chocolates came all the way from Brooklyn [safe and sound] because I won a Raaka Chocolate giveway! We were scared that they would arrive melted and gross but, to our surprise, they came out fine. Right out of the box I had to try one so, I used my “system” to determine which one would go down first. ‘Well, this one sounds like something I would never eat, so this is the first one to go.” Boy, was I wrong! The token ugly duckling was a blueberry and lavender kind. I had one bite of it and it was like heaven exploded in my mouth. After that, all the others are waiting for me to delightfully tear them apart. The one above has Cafe Grumpy’s Heartbraker Espresso Coffee in it. I just couldn’t help myself! Being a coffee addict and all… I know what you’re thinking, “Is this a post about chocolate?” Glad you asked. Because yes, yes it is. 

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